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Ringba is hiringSales Operations Engineer

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Posted 5mo ago


Ringba is actively seeking a dynamic and seasoned Sales Operations Engineer to further augment our team. As a Sales Operations Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in overseeing and supporting all aspects of sales operations, with a particular focus on sales forecasting and ensuring meticulous maintenance of accurate sales activity records. The hire for this role must be able to build dashboards and is passionate about technology to the point that their colleagues will describe them as “technical af”.

We are the most powerful call tracking platform in the world. Purpose built for professional marketers to drive advertising ROI. If you want to sell a product you believe in, you will be at home here. We are the “Tesla” of our industry. 

Our brand is well known in our space, our software has won numerous awards, our support team is the best in the business, and we are thriving. Our team is located all over the world and our innovative software helps businesses connect with new customers over the phone. We have been an entirely remote company since 2015 and are succeeding in our mission of helping our clients grow their businesses. 

We believe the quality of outreach is just as important as quality. We know who our ideal customers are, and we need you to introduce them to our brand. Overall, you are excited about this career because you have a technical, engineering background in both sales and a proficiency in scripting or coding.


  • Demonstrated experience with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, particularly Copper.
  • Proficiency in Business Intelligence (BI) tools, with a specific emphasis on Amazon QuickSight.
  • Ability to script MySQL queries within the QuickSight framework.
  • 5 or more years of hands-on experience collaborating with sales teams.


  • Conducting in-depth analysis of sales data and scrutinizing metrics for actionable insights.
  • Interpretation and presentation of data results to various stakeholders.
  • Development of comprehensive sales forecasting models.
  • Efficiently managing product and sales databases.
  • Analysis and reporting on customer performance and overall customer experience.
  • Providing crucial support to both the sales and marketing departments.


  • Join a rapidly expanding sales team that stands at the forefront of pay-per-call technology innovation.
  • Access to opportunities for professional development and career growth.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of remote work while remaining closely connected to the vibrant Pay Per Call (PPC) business landscape.

Learn more about Ringba's culture by clicking HERE. If you are ready to be an integral part of a dynamic team and contribute to the future of Pay Per Call technology, we invite you to submit your application now.


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