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Mobbin is hiringSenior Software Engineer

About Mobbin

Our mission is to empower the world to design great digital experiences.

The Mobbin platform helps product designers, product managers and UI/UX researchers find highly-relevant references to their design problems. We are the world's most extensive app design reference library, serving over 500,000 registered users on our platform.

Founded in 2018, we've grown to over 100,000 MAUs through word of mouth and organic growth with a PLG approach. Today, Mobbin is used by most design-forward companies and startups, including Duolingo, Revolut, Headspace, Work & Co, Blinkist, and more.

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The role

Internally, Mobbin heavily leverages on technologies to make harness insights and multiply value and productivity.

We are hiring a software engineer that will work on new internal platforms across multiple teams. The person in this role should have strong technical foundations (Postgres and TypeScript) and be constantly learning world-class best practices.

As a software engineer working on new platforms at Mobbin, you will be building high-impact internal tools with cutting-edge technologies. You will be embedded in the ML Team and report directly to the CTO.

Our Engineering Department, whilst small, provides the technological capability that turn our ideas into software that drives global impact at scale. We take great care to balance the need for stable technologies yet exercise tact in choosing cutting edge technologies that pays forward to our long term goals.

What you'll do...

  • Work on internal tools that are on the cutting edge. Think: Next.js app router, Supabase, etc. You may have to read source code of these open source projects to workaround their issues.

  • Rapidly design and run experiments to scientifically extract value from ML models and LLM/multimodal model APIs. For example, prompt engineering.

  • Gather requirements from stakeholders and figure out cheap solutions that work well. Ford's "faster horse" quote, yada-yada. Less is more.

  • Design and implement high-quality and provably reliable features that scale.

  • Identify areas of improvements and execute on suggestions execute it, if necessary, in coordination with other team members.

  • Contribute to the overall engineering excellence at Mobbin.

You should...

  • Be at the forefront of TypeScript, Next.js, React and JavaScript in general. For example, you be familiar with React Server Components, Next.js App Router architecture and all the patterns to use them well.

  • Be deeply familiar with Postgres. You should have an intuition on how to optimise queries and the common pitfalls when working with Postgres. You should know how to use EXPLAIN and/or pg_stat.

  • Be passionate about creating value through ML and traditional software engineering. You should already have prompt engineered something.

  • Be passionate about empowering others through building high-quality and performant internal tools.

  • Be familiar with software engineering best practices and be able to write clean, reliable and well-documented code with minimal supervision.

  • Believe that documentation, communication and measuring feature success is part of shipping.

  • Be able to communicate effectively and have good written communication skills.

  • Have a strong desire to make foundational codebase improvements.

  • Have strong computer science fundamentals.

What we offer...

  • Competitive salary

  • Work device sponsorship

  • Health insurance, medical coverage, and dental coverage

  • Flexi health & fitness benefits

  • Flexible work hours

  • Remote work options - you will choose your work schedule and location

  • Personal development benefits

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