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Who we are

Commutatus is an agency that partners with ambitious entrepreneurs, startups and corporates in all industries to conceptualise, design and build digital products. We’re the team that companies like AIESEC, Daily9, NADIM and others hire to get their platforms to great heights!

What we would like to achieve with you

Over the last three years, we've seen the impact of data analytics and data science on our clients' product life cycle. Your contribution will help sustain and enhance our data services, ensuring ongoing excellence in meeting evolving client needs.

Your Roles and Responsibilities:

We want to help our clients get to a place where they can easily make informed, data-driven decisions for their business. Here’s how we envision your key contributions to achieving this goal:

Define Business Metrics:

Tailor business metrics to clients' products to help them monitor and visualise their operational efficiency.

Data Analytics:

Build and maintain robust data pipelines, pulling insights from multiple sources for comprehensive reporting on user behaviour. Utilise this data to develop analytical dashboards that provide actionable insights.

AI and ML:

Identify pain points in a client’s workflow and assess the potential application of AI or ML models to mitigate redundancy.

Contribution to AI Products:

Contribute to the development of independent AI products, both for internal optimization and external client use. Collaborate with the team to implement cutting-edge solutions.

Documentation Excellence:

Create comprehensive documentation based on our existing guides to ensure clarity and transparency.

Examples of tasks you would be working on

  • Query diverse data sources (e.g., PostgreSQL, MongoDB) and build data pipelines on Cloud services like GCP and AWS.
  • Build data dashboards on various BI tools such as Metabase, Tableau, and Looker Studio.
  • Implement user data tracking via GTM/GA4.
  • Deploy open-source BI solutions like Metabase on AWS Elastic Beanstalk or other such services.
  • Generative AI based chatbot solution deployment

What you can expect from the Data team

  1. A space to voice out your ideas and the required support to take them forward.
  2. The opportunity to work on projects across various industries, equipping you with extensive technical and operational knowledge.
  3. Trust in your ability to figure things out, with support readily available when you need it.
  4. Access to learning resources, workshops, and opportunities for professional development to enhance your skills.

What do you need to have

We are looking for candidates who

  1. Have previous experience in similar roles or have completed projects in related areas
  2. Can work remotely and independently.
  3. Demonstrate resourcefulness – we don’t expect you to have all the answers immediately, but we value your ability to research and learn on the go.
  4. Have the drive to figure things out and the motivation to meet deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have some questions, here are some that we have already answered, if you have more questions, get in touch with us!

  1. What kind of projects will I get to work on at Commutatus?
    We are domain agnostic. We have projects in edu-tech, e-commerce, logistics, furniture manufacturing and many more. We not only help in developing MVPs but also scaling them. You’ll mostly be working with a few of our clients.
  2. Is this a remote job?
    For the foreseeable future, Commutatus is going to be remote. If that changes, we’ll let you know well in advance.
  3. Who am I going to be working with?
    We’re a small team, around 20 people. You’ll be mostly working with Laasya who leads our Data team.
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